Crystal Clean Deodorant 4.25 oz


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Crystal Clean Deodorant – Odor eliminating Natural Crystal Deodorant. There are zero chemicals added. Fragrance Free. No residue left on skin and no staining of clothes.

How Crystal Clean Deodorant works: The natural mineral salts in Crystal Deodorant prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Benefits: 20+ hours of odor protection. Dries completely clear. Does not clog pores. No sticky residue. Non-oily. Each Crystal Clean Deodorant lasts over a year.

Vegan. 100% Natural. Hypo-Allergenic.

How to use: Post shower or bath, wet the Deodorant Crystal under running water, apply generously to clean underarm area. Coat the underarm area for a count of 30 seconds or until the crystal is dry. Repeat the process for the other arm.